US Election Fraud was predicted by Vladimir Putin

Three years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the 2017 International Economic Forum, hosted by St. Petersburg. Megyn Kelly was invited to moderate the forum. In a series of questions, she addressed President Putin, and confronted him with the fact that seventeen American intelligence agencies concurred in attributing all traces of electronic fraud in the 2016 election to Russia and only Russia. Putin’s reply was devastating:

  • Hacking an electoral computer under a fake identity is so easy that even a child can do that.
  • The allegation that Russia and only Russia are behind all American election fraud reminds him of anti-semitism: whatever bad happens, the Jews have done it.
  • “At some time during Trump’s 2016 electoral campaign I thought, he overplays his hand. But he was right. He managed to appeal to a very large part of the American electorate.”

Putin did not say so explicitly, but the energy with which he said it leaves no doubt that he judges Kelly’s claim (to wit, that seventeen US intelligence agencies concurred in having proof that Russia and only Russia interfered with the US 2016 elections) to be completely absurd. Putin’s first two points are mere common sense. His last point reflects his personal feelings at the time. They sound pretty genuine to me.

How deplorable it is that the very conspiracy, attacking Trump during four years over the legitimacy of his 2016 election, finally achieved to replace Trump with a candidate of their choice: godfather of a crime family, with plenty of sordid deals in Russia (not with Putin), Ukraine (not with Putin either), and China.

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