Corona Hoax IV

By now, excess mortality has been negative for over three months in Europe. Yet all governments, except the Swedish, deem it necessary to lock us up like chicken. This is the perfect incentive to have us buy a vaccine of 400 euro a piece.

Guess how that pharmaceutical industry is going to invest your generous contribution…

Read more to know why and how the Corona numbers are manipulated.



The black data points (weekly excess mortality) are taken from Euromomo, and the orange data points (weekly new corona cases) from ECDC.

I had to determine the excess deaths from Euromomo’s weekly deaths data myself, because Euromomo does not present the excess data correctly.


Why Does Euromomo fail to Subtract Weekly Average Deaths From Weekly Deaths?


When statistical experts make elementary mistakes, something sinister is going on.

Euromomo’s baseline is shown in red. Clearly, that baseline does not represent a yearly average, even though seasonally adjusted: in three consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019) the excess data always exceed the baseline, which they are not supposed to do, by definition of the word ‘excess’. The correct estimate of seasonally adjusted excess mortality is shifted upward, as illustrated by the blue curve: as you can see, the excess data and the baseline both approximately average out to zero on a yearly basis.

As far as the ECDC data are concerned, they are even more worrying than the mortality data. It makes no sense at all that the Corona tests peak together with excess mortality. That can only be true if every affected person dies at the same day of being tested positively. Hence, a minimum requisite of sound testing data, is that they lead excess mortality by the average period between incubation and death, which is about three weeks.


Why Would ECDC Produce Fake Data?


That is hard to say. Ask the IPCC why they faked the hockey stick.

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