Peter McCullough: US Health Policy Killed Half a Million Citizens

Peter McCullough testifies that Covid treatment has been systematically hampered by the US health authorities. These authorities are responsible for 85% of Covid deaths, which could have been easily avoided without hospitalization, using standard off-label medication.

Joel Smalley: Covid Vaccines are Killing People at an Alarming Rate

Excess mortality has dramatically increased after the start of the vaccination campaign. The vaccines are irresponsibly harmful. The vaccination campaigns must be ended immediately.

Pope Francis’ Fallibility

The successor of Benedict XVI had two major historical tasks. He failed on both counts.

Why Do Covid Policies Only Affect Rich Countries?

The Rothschild mafia preferentially targets rich countries.

Social Distancing Does not Reduce Viral Infectivity

If a pandemic exists, and if corona measures help fighting that pandemic, there should be a correlation between corona stringency and all-cause excess mortality.

What the BioWeapon Industry Inserted in SARS-CoV-2

SARS-Cov-2 was laboratory-designed, with evil intention. The biological culprit is called PRRA: it is a four-amino-acid insert lacking in natural SARS variants.

Estimating the Plate Tectonics Required to Grant Moses Free Crossing through the Sea of Reeds

A quantitative estimate of the earthquake that allowed Moses to cross Yam Soof (Sea of Reeds, or Sea of Hurricanes) at Nuweiba (Egyptian coastal town at the Gulf of Aqabah). The estimate shows that such events are likely to have occurred in the geological history of the Arabian Plate.

Ark of the Covenant Finally Discovered

History of the Ark of the Covenant from Solomon to Jeremiah, and finalizing with the 1982 discovery by Ron Wyatt. The theological thrust of the earthquake, renting the Golgotha rocks, and allowing Christ’s blood to drip down upon the Seat of Mercy.

Heel Fout Gezelschap (Very Wrong Company)

Very wrong Dutch leaders love to be portrayed with Satanists: Queen-mother Beatrix and prime minister Mark Rutte are a case in point.

Out of Egypt: the Exodus Route

There is a remarkable lack of consensus concerning Moses’ exodus route among Christian archeologists. The two main proposals are those of Ron Wyatt and of Steve Rudd. A principal argument in favor of Rudd’s route is that the crossing at the strait of Tiran three times as shallow as the Nuweiba crossing, proposed by Wyatt. Everything else seems to plead against Rudd’s proposal.

Traces of Moses’ Youth in Egyptian Records

The Egyptian and Biblical accounts of the exodus coincide spectacularly. One only has to take into account that the Israelites were not exactly popular in Egypt, after their departure.

Fuellmich – Welcome to the Club of Lunatics

Reiner Fuellmich just acceded to our club of lunatics: “I wouldn’t have said this a year ago”. He needed all the evidence on the table, before ‘believing’.

Anthony Flew about Secularist Bigotry

Anthony Flew converted from philosophical atheism to theism. This is how old comrades treat whomever dare leave the ranks.

Ark of Noah Found in Durupınar (Turkey)

In 1959, Turkish Captain Ilhan Durupinar discovered the site called after him. In 1986, American anesthetist Ron Wyatt made his first on-site radar images. In 2014, he brought up this.

Danish Committee of Defamation of the Honest

Bjorn Lomborg tried by the Danish-Stalinist Committees of Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD). The show-process is typical of parishioners of the CGC-Church.

Climate Church is More a Cult than a Sect, Except…

Rodney Stark’s quantitative sociology provides the basis for demonstrating that the Climate Church is more a cult than a sect, except in some important aspects.

The Physics of Carbon Dioxide versus Greta and Al

William Happer (Princeton University) explains why carbon dioxide emissions do not significantly affect global temperature.

Didier Raoult: an H-index 187 Clinic Director Harassed for Publishing Independent Research

The French virologist Didier Raoult was able to pursue a reasonable strategy with respect to Covid-19 in plain defiance of WHO’s criminal criteria

Swedish Corona Policy Maker Keeps Swimming Against the Tide

Why Sweden’s intelligent lockdown is smarter than a total lockdown; and why Euromomo is a fraud

Fighting the Swamp in Spain

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, fights the swamp in Spain by opposing Sánchez’ ridiculous covid measures.

Second Heavy Accusation Against Anthony Fauci

Yale epidemiologist dr. Harvey Risch confirms earlier accusations of Anthony Fauci’s persuing financial gain over the corpses of 17.000 AIDS patients

IPCC Mafia Concocts False Climate Data

Tony Heller has a great climate site, on which he regularly posts evidence of IPCC fraud

Dr. Lee Merritt MD on Binary Weapons

Medical Doctor Lee Merritt speaks out about the weaponization of Covid vaccines, and explains the nature of a binary weapon.

US Housing Secretary on BLM Riot Patterns

Austin Fitts shows that the damage inflicted by BLM riots perfectly match real-estate expansion plans of Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Mafia.

Brazil’s Battle Against the Fauci Mafia

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro handles Covid-19 rationally: like the Swedish, he does not trust the WHO data

The Star of Bethlehem Decoded

How the author of the Wikipedia page on great conjunctions cunningly hides the exceptional character of the Star of Bethlehem

Tanzania’s President Masterfully Mocks Covid Tests

Outspoken faithful of the Climate-Gender-Corona-Church consistently treat African and Asian political leadership with scorn

Our Political Leaders Fiddle the BigPharma Tune

European politicians offer little to no resistance to BigPharma’s wish to inoculate a population which is no need of Covid-vaccination

Meet the Swiss Propaganda-Critical Institute

For highly recommendable non-funded research on Covid-19, the Main Stream Media, War, and other exciting topics

The Carbon Dioxide Hoax: Who Profits?

Variations in atmospheric carbon dioxide do not cause global temperature variations; the opposite is true. Today’s carbon dioxide level is lower than ever recorded in the geological history of our planet, and its rise during the last century is due to natural causes only.

Climate Church Takes Another Blow

Michael Mann was “encouraged” by the IPCC to file a law suit against a Canadian climatologist. The IPCC was too optimistic and Mann had to commit contempt of court.

PCR Tests Are Useless

UM Berlin Institute of Virology published the infamous Corman & Drosten paper: A new pillar for nonsensical corona measures

Whistleblower/Scientist informed WHO and CCP on time

whistle-blower Yan Li-Meng knew about the transmissivity of SARS-Cov-2 toward the end of 2019, and immediately warned the Chinese authorities as well as WHO

Bill Gates Crippled Children by Millions in India

Bill and Melinda’s criminal foundation sued in India

China Communist Party’s Problem with Australia

The inconsolable grief of an economical and military giant and the solace of a chewing gum under its sole

Wealth Inequality in Wealthy Democracies

Democracies drift away from equal opportunities towards the feudal system of the European Middle Ages

French Blogger Silenced by Information Mafia

French vlogger Silvano Trotta was erased by YouTube after reaching 1.5M views. The censoring pandemic makes corona look like a dwarf.

Biden Crime Family Exposed IV: Col. Phil Waldron

Colonel Phil Waldron testifies of truckloads of fake Biden votes, and of large scale electronic revision of election results using Dominion voting machines.

Briand Excommunicated by Johns Hopkins for Corona Truth

Johns Hopkins University keeps a tracker of covid cases around the world. This site is used to scare people into staying in their homes, shut off from the real world.

Biden Crime Family Exposed III: John Paul Mac Isaac

Hunter Biden: No Supremacy, No Ultimatum, Just a Lethally Lethargic Legacy

CDC’s Gross Lies Concerning the “Positives”

Weekly Excess Mortality tells the truth: these data cannot be manipulated. New Corona cases make no sense.

Johan Hellstrom: No Excess Mortality in Sweden

Swedish Corona Spike in the perspective of two centuries: its excess mortality is invisible.

Socialism Scales with Corona-Induced GDP Crash

To what extent is socialism bad for an economy? And how does socialism correlate with the GDP crash induced by Corona-measures?

The Richer the Country, the Higher Corona Casualties

The richer the country, the higher the Corona casualties. This correlation cries out for an explanation.

Witch Hunt on Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits testifies on the criminal activities of Anthony Fauci and Robert Gallo

Sweden’s public prosecution instrumental in Assange’s delivery

Swedish deputy director of public prosecution played pivotal role in having Wikileaks-cofounder Assange handed over to his macabre executioners.

Soros and Bergoglio: Eerie Coincidences

Usually Popes do not meddle with politics. Pope Francis does. His is a most disturbing kind of exhibitionism, quite akin to Soros’.

Inside Job 9/11: BBC’s Hayton and Standley

BBC denies the undeniable: they told their employees, Hayton and Standley, half an hour too early to report the crash of WTC7 (Solomon’s Building)

Conspiracy Debunkers: Four Degrees of Stupidity (and one of Smartness)

Four categories of stupidity among conspiracy debunkers, and one of smart ones