Feminine Feminist

A Missing Link Eluding Discovery

Female brains are on average more “empathizing” (E-wired) than male brains, which are more “systemizing” (S-wired). This gender difference is sculpted into our genes since much longer than the existence of our species. By genetic necessity, all mammal societies are organized patriarchally. Humans are the only animals whose behavior is not fully determined by gene and environment. Remarkably, all (wake and adult) human beings claim fundamental rights for themselves, while not a single animal is known to do so. They also contemplate the meaning of life, which again, no animal is known to do. These specifically human behavioral traits relate to what is commonly called the human soul. Due to this soul, there is no genetic necessity for the human society to be organized patriarchally, as well. The organization of human society therefore represents quite directly the extent to which human rationality (a quality of the soul) succeeded in dominating human emotion (a quality of the genome). Remarkably, feminists are among the fiercest opponents of a spiritual dimension in human nature. Is this a strange coincidence, or is it to be expected? In this book, Schins argues for the latter, on -obviously- genetic grounds.


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