Brazil’s Battle Against the Fauci Mafia

The Wikipedia pages about the lousy performance of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, with respect to his handling the Covid-19 outbreak, convinced me that this man deserves a prominent place in the gallery of Independent Minds. Few Presidents achieve such high nation-wide popularity as Bolsonaro. He has the guts to downplay the pandemic character of Covid-19, which he correctly compares with a mild flu.

One thing he decidedly has not yet cleaned up, is the quasi-non-existent governmental information on Covid-19. If anybody can help me out here: How can I find the all-causes weekly crude mortality over the past few years, if possible, subdivided into reasonable age categories? I could not find them on the websites of the Brazilian Governmental Institute of Statistics nor of the Brazilian Department of Health, nor of the National Council of Health Secretaries. As far as Covid-19 data are concerned, they only provide data for two age categories, above and below 60 years: Obviously, to hide the fact that below 50 years there is no excess mortality at all. No data exist for the number of PCR tests, nor for the ratio of positives.

Brazil at least does not show fake data. External agencies all seem to know much better what is going on in Brazil than the Bazilian government. OWiD claims the graph below was provided to them by Johns Hopkins University, but I did not manage to find it there:

7-day rolling average of daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Brazil
OWiD does not mention how these numbers were determined: from funerary scribbles, like in the US?
OWiD claims that “the number of confirmed cases is lower than the number of actual cases due to limited testing” — duhh…
If limited testing were a real problem, why does OWiD not report the fraction of positives?

Certainly, there exists no sound medical procedure to ascertain the cause of death. And even if it existed for Covid-19, no country in the world could afford itself to run such a test on every deceased. As long as data are unavailable, necessary to compare all-cause mortality with the fraction of Covid-19 positives for age groups of ten years, elementary information is being hidden from you by adepts of the Fauci-mafia. This mafia has a budget of trillions of dollars, so how difficult is it for them to buy the heads of the Health Departments?

Possibly, largest part of foreign animosity towards Bolsonaro is due to his faith. Who could comment “so what“, when confronted with the Covid-19 excess mortality, but a Catholic? The calculation is quite simple. A study published by the International Journal of Women’s Health in 2014, estimated a yearly rate of 48 thousand clandestine abortions. More recent pro-abortion studies suggest that the true number is tenfold, which corresponds to one child for every five women. If we stick to the 48 thousand infant lives, the loss of lifetime due to clandestine abortions is 48,000*75 = 3.6 million years per year, with 75 years the life expectancy.

How does that relate to the life years lost by Covid-19?

According to a 2021 pro-Covid paper published in Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, in 2020 the total loss of Covid-assigned deaths was 150 thousand. If we believe this preposterous number, the loss of life years in 2020 due to Covid-19 is 151,000*5 = 0.8 million, because the average age of a Covid-casualty is about 70. You won’t find that number easily, as it is consistently hidden by the Fauci-mafia. Likewise, it consistently hides the all-cause mortality. Else, even you and I could deduce, like did Dr. Geneviève Briand, that all-cause mortality in 2020 is quite generally within the 50-year average noise (in Sweden, it is 8% of the 1918 Spanish flu spike, and its absolute number recurs every ten years). Now tell me, what person, right in her mind, would deliver a graph as did macrotrends, showing all-cause mortality except Covid?

Dear Macrotrends: If these deaths are due to all causes, then why do you deny it explicitly on your webpage?
Else, you might disclose how exactly you calculated this funny curve. Or did you simply tamper with the data?

Pro-abortion studies typically report a tenfold higher number of abortions per year. In that case, abortions have 47 times the societal impact of Covid-19. I am not saying that Bolsonaro has this number in mind, when commenting “so what”, but many Catholics might. Another typical Catholic thought which usually enrages members of the Climate-Gender-Corona-Church: Does euthanasia ring a bell to you? What would you be waiting for, after your 75th? Many people of that age suffer from serious diseases and impairments, and would love it to be taken away from this world. If they had the choice, they would certainly prefer Covid-19 over some much more painful and slower death. Oh yes, remember that all people who suffered a cruel Covid-10 death, were those who were treated according to the WHO standards, by artificial breathing. That was medically irresponsible indeed. While Didier Raoult and plenty of other independent minds had long proved that timely administration of hydroxychloroquine does the job! Yet, to date the FDA keeps denying the undeniable.