Meet the Swiss Propaganda-Critical Institute

The SPR Institute was founded in 2016, with the acronym standing for “Swiss Propaganda Research”. It is an independent nonprofit research group, which investigates geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media. SPR is composed of independent academics and receives no external funding. Presently, the acronym stands for “Swiss Policy Rersearch”.

I did not find any information about who these academics are: as far as I am concerned, it could be a single person with a good network. Given the politically incorrect character of the research, it is quite understandable that the authors do not wish to be known by name. The information SPR presents is scientifically sound and highly recommendable. Their articles on Covid-19 do not leave a shred of doubt on the political nature of Covid:

These studies are analyses, summaries, reviews and overviews of the literature, except the last one, which discusses 15 documentaries. Three nice plots from the first reference are displayed below, and are self-explanatory:

All-cause mortality in Sweden from 1851-2020: the Corona peak is but slightly higher than average

All-cause mortality in the US from 1960-2020
Recently, Prof. G. Briand from Johns Hopkins demonstrated that Covid-19 caused no excess deaths in 2020:
the Covid-19 peak is exactly balanced by a negative excess death in the remainder of the year

Mortality in Germany from 1950 to 2020: no recognizable peak at all
Yet, the German government panics, ordering shutdown of shops and schools in December as Covid-19 cases spiral ‘out of control’

They study other topics of interest, too.

Articles on media and propaganda

Articles on geopolitics and war

Additional articles

Criticism of SPR

Below is a beautiful map illustrating the large member overlap in three major institutes orchestrating the American Media. It is a pity that the map comes without a zoom bottom.