French Blogger Silenced by Information Mafia

Born July 21, 1967, Silvano Trotta is an accomplished and innovative businessman. Presently, he presides a telecommunication company called Atelio, and 24 supporting companies. Until a year ago, his vlogs and blogs attracted about 10 thousand Frenchmen. In those vlogs, he addressed fake news like 9/11, the NASA moon landing, and the origin of the April 2019 fire that destroyed the roof of the Notre Dame in Paris.

Covid-19 suddenly changed this state of affairs: His views increased from 10 to 100-fold. He started by questioning the sudden governmental ban on hydroxychloroquine. That triggered a tsunami of messages by French medical personnel, who complained about Big Pharma’s tendency to sell their most expensive vaccines at any cost. The very day his influence started to annoy Big Pharma, YouTube started refusing his vlogs.