Soros and Bergoglio: Eerie Coincidences

Pope Francis was quick to comment about President Trump: “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian”. Wherever they may be? Is there not a huge wall separating Israeli swimming pools from Palestinian desert? Why did Pope Francis never discuss the wall issue with Netanyahu? He met him often enough, methinks: April 2016 in Jerusalem, August 2015 in Jerusalem, May 2014 in Notre Dame, Jerusalem, and December 2013 in the Vatican. Clearly, Pope Francis measures with distinct yardsticks. The same distinction Soros applies. Israeli politicians from both sides of the aisle judge anti-Semitism towards Soros more deplorable than Soros’ left-wing opinions, even when they imply undermining the State of Israel.


Separation wall in Shoafat, Jerusalem

Pope Francis brings 12 Syrian refugees with him on plane back to Italy, thus teaching Europe a little lesson in mercy. In my dictionary, this has little in common with Christian mercy. It seems very much like mercy from the gospel according to Soros.


Pope Francis welcomes 12 Syrian refugees in Ciampino (Rome)
following a visit of the refugee camp in Lesbos (Greece)

Pope Francis likes symbolic language. Whatever helps in feeding non-Christians and Christians alike with a complex of guilt, serves his purpose. It is only too bad that Soros funds only half the travel of those refugees. If they came over safely, they would not make the news…


Pope Francis throws a wreath in the Mediterranean Sea
praying for the souls of the drowned refugees

Pope Francis not only pushes Soros’ immigration agenda, but he also fiddles the tune of the Climate Church. In that case, he probably is a member of the Corona Church, too. Had he not the St. Peter disinfected? I have no idea how one can be member of so many Churches, with so radically opposed views on the nature of man. An old Catholic adagium says that one should better shut up than criticize. I fully agree with it, although I admit I do not live up to it. In this very case, I feel compelled to criticize. Silence now is like silence in the times before Luther. If before Luther, plenty of Catholics had severely criticized the Holy See, the Tridentine Reformation would have been a free initiative, and not, what history shamefully demonstrates, a reformation the Catholic Church was forced to pass. Obviously, the Protestant Reformation would have happened anyway, as it was of a political nature rather than a doctrinal one (this holds for the majority of Christian schisms). But if Catholic proms had criticized the Holy See soon and strongly enough, the Protestant Reformation would have followed the Roman one, instead of preceding it.

June 29, 1972, Pope Paul VI spoke the ominous words “attraverso qualche fessura il fumo di Satana è entrato nel tempio di Dio”. Nearly 50 years later, Satan’s smoke can hardly be said to enter the Temple of God (“il fumo di satana è entrato nel tempio di Dio”). It rather exits the Temple of God. Not through some fissure (“attraverso qualche fissura”), but through wide open entrance doors.


Pope Francis hails Schwarzenegger
Media Icon of the fight against atmospheric pollution driven by human overpopulation


Pope Francis meets Tony Blair during his weekly general audience at St. Peter’s square on September 13, 2017. This is about ten years after Blair left office. By then, there was no doubt that the war in Iraq, which Blair heralded incessantly while in office, was a criminal war. Why does Francis gratify an abject war instigator (now hypocritically concerned with minorities in the former war zone) with such publicity? Photo by Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images


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