Corona Hoax I

The Richer the Country, the Higher the Corona Casualties

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The Scale is Logarithmic on Both Axes.

Vertical Axis: Number of Registered Corona Deaths (Number per Million Inhabitants).

Horizontal Axis: Nominal GDP per Capita (in US $).

Colors Mark the Absolute Latitude of a Country (Latitude Increases from Tropical to Cold)


The Richer the Country, the Better its Hospitals

The Poisoning Trend Displays the Correlation One Expects on the Basis of Hospital Quality.


Again, Both Axes Are Displayed Logarithmically.

The Vertical Axis Displays the Casualties Due to Poisoning (in Number per Million Inhabitants).

The Horizontal Axis is Unchanged.

There Negative Correlation Between Poisoning Casualties and Wealth Holds for Both Tropical and Cold Countries (Where Poisoning is Less Likely to Occur).




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