Hollywood Misogyny

Why are the roles of non-comic humiliation always given to women, and never to men? Is it because Hollywood is a men’s club? Or are there deeper, more obscure reasons?


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Hollywood is characterized by its unrelenting misogyny. In Hollywood, women happen to own the full market for roles of non-comic self-humiliation. Such roles are never allotted to male actors. They rather get to play the characters that actively humiliate their female victims. Niccolò introduces the subject by discussing recent characters impersonated by Sandra Bullock, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Angelina Jolie, in order of increasing self-humiliation. The investigative question addressed in this book is not why specific women would play self-humiliating roles, knowing that those roles not only degrade themselves, but contribute powerfully to degrading femininity in society. This has an obvious moral connotation: never in the history of humanity did we witness such manifest and despicable sexual slavery as in this century. Independently from the reasons of the introduced ladies, money is and always will be a powerful driver of human actuation. In this book, Niccolò rather investigates the reasons for Hollywood to fund misogynic movies, in spite of their obvious anticommercial character. The drive for shareholders to fund movies which do not appeal to at least 50% of humanity must be huge. Niccolò searches for that drive in the ‘religion’ of the shareholders, or rather, in their lack of piety. These shareholders turn out to be mostly racial Jews who lost their Jewish faith. They spend their money on funding satanism and sex rings, with the double yield of financial income and blackmail potential. Their view of society is as retrograde-patriarchal as it was in the times of Moses. With that only difference, though, that Moses did not despise femininity.


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