RIP in the 21st Century

As Marty Claridge (Katherine Heigl) patiently explains to restive Missie (Skye McCole) in Michael Landon’s 2003 movie Love Comes Softly: “reading is the possibility to be a queen or a hero, to live all their adventures, without incurring in the dangers: here in your bed, in your chair next to the chimney” (Janette Oke, 1979).

As a genre, romance is having a hard time. The pill crippled it, and the gaming industry finished it off.


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Did you really think those medieval knights liked courting “hard-to-get” females? By singing stupid songs on a harp? Of course not! They simply had no choice. Only worthwhile ladies would appreciate that, once the honeymoon was over, they might be forced, by the ways of nature, into a physical and emotional dependence upon a generous and loyal husband.

Now that we have the pill ―oh glorious advance of technology and humanity―, ladies are finally freed from the ugly consequences of having sex. Fact is, however, that the prostitution trade is incomparably larger now than ever before, even in relative numbers. Time to quietly think over our societal accomplishments, Abaelardus thinks.


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