Social Distancing Does not Reduce Viral Infectivity

If a pandemic exists, and if corona measures help fighting that pandemic, there should be a correlation between corona stringency and all-cause excess mortality. Clearly, such a correlation clearly does not exist. The graph below shows these two quantities for the more populated countries on our planet. Sweden, which has been so incessantly criticized for its allegedly irresponsible corona measures, shows no excess deaths at all. Stringency-loving countries, like Spain, USA, and England, recorded a significant excess mortality, and their respective ToniFaucis deserve a Darwin award for extreme stupidity. Among those countries that did not take foolish corona measures, three in particular (Russia, Belarus, and South Africa) show a net decline in excess deaths, of the same absolute value as the strongest hit countries (Poland, Panama, and Spain).

All-cause excess mortality versus stringency of societal covid-measures. Excess mortality is calculated as the total fraction of excess deaths for every 1000 inhabitants in the year 2020, minus the average over the past five years (2015 through 2019). The horizontal axis displays the stringency of corona measures on a scale from 0 (no measures) to 100 (extreme lock-down), as imposed at the end of the year 2020. The blueish depth of color indicates the country’s Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDPpc) in units of 2021 currency US dollars: the larger the GDPpc, the lighter blue the country’s color.

Two features catch the eye. First, excess deaths in 2020 were not significantly positive. In other words, there was no such a thing as a “corona pandemic”. Second, the fraction of excess deaths is completely independent of corona measures. What the data do show, is that 2020 was a year with a strong corona flu. We know since long, however, that flu’s are not to be fought by face diapers and social distancing. Not even by vaccines, which always come too late (given the Darwinian mechanism of natural variation, which everybody seems to have forgotten these days), and certainly come untested (given the short terms in which they have to be produced).
Some of my readers might ask: how is this possible? Do the media not tell us, day after day, that there is a corona pandemic, and that generalized lockdown measures are unavoidable? Indeed, the media do tell us such stories. Why would they not? They are being paid very reasonably to do so. Are you paying the media? I guess not. Do pharmaceutical companies pay the media? Among other financially powerful parties: I guess yes.
Does this mean that there is no corona at all? Yes there is, and it has proven to be usable as a deadly bioweapon. Would stringent, nay even draconian societal measures be of any use if such a bioweapon were really deployed? Of course not, silly!
Why do ordinary folks know nothing about it? That, my dear friend, is the very defining characteristic of what is commonly called indoctrination.