Beginners’ Guide to the FED

Why it is Unique on our Planet

The Federal Reserve System (FED) is a criminal private institution, owned by criminal private bankers. Yet, in 1913 the American people decided (by majority vote of congress) to endow the FED with the exclusive rights to issue American currency, in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. Even more surprisingly, the American people decided (by majority vote of congress) that the books of the FED should be kept secret, as well as the identities of its shareholders. These two decisions are the main cause of the enormous national debt, which only few people realize is owned by those very FED shareholders. President John F Kennedy had made it clear, by his Executive Order 1110, that he wanted to put an end to this absurd situation. EO 11110 temporarily delegated Presidential power to the Secretary of Treasury to replace Federal Reserve Notes (issued by the private FED) with silver certificates, or national US Dollar Notes (issued by Treasury). If that policy had been consolidated, the FED would eventually lose its power and revenues (among which the interest payments on the huge national debt). For this reason, the FED shareholders are the prime suspects of ordering then CIA operative George W.H. Bush to organize the assassination of the President. This book gathers some unconventional evidence to this effect.


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