The Snake

Three Millennia of Anti-Semitism

The Snake is the most ancient fraternity on this planet. How it begun is yet unknown, but it first manifested itself as a rebellion against Moses. The Old Testament severely criticizes its ungodly ways, the most repulsive of which being ritual child offerings. God’s prophets all had to deal with The Snake in their own way. Elijah challenged “four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of Asherah, who eat at Jezebel’s table”. Satan kept silent when they invoked his power to burn the sacrifices on their altars, whence King Ahab had them all slain: clearly, relations between Satan’s and God’s prophets never were very cordial. The Snake’s victory over God’s own Son marked the birth of globalism: the transition from its hitherto local ambitions to global ones.


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In the times of Jesus, all members of ‘The Snake’ were aristocratic Jews, called Sadducees. They paid a revolting mob in Jerusalem, in order to obtain the death verdict of Jesus. Today, they pay revolting mobs all over the US, parading under the stolen ideal of Black Lives Matter. Just like Jesus was a threat to their power then, President Trump is a threat to their power now. Before Trump, it was President John F. Kennedy. As his Executive Order 11110 was not entirely to their liking, they had him assassinated. In order to keep that assassination hidden from the public, some collateral Kennedy damage was mandatory. Before the Kennedys, it was the USS Liberty. They ordered it to be bombed to the bottom of the Mediterranean, during the Six Day Israeli-Arab war, because it was not welcome to spy on Israeli war technology. Before the USS Liberty, it was the Shoah. They kept Hitler in power, financially and politically, just long enough to secure the massacre of all Jewish account holders with the Rothschild banks. As the German Jews were the richest and most concentrated of all, the booty was not all that bad.

Obviously, the Sadducees are not anti-Semitic, in the abject way Nazis were. But in their specific case, everything degrades to mere semantics. For the sake of Semitic hegemony, Sadducees are willing to pay any price: even if it includes exterminating six million innocent Jews ─ as long as it is not them, of course. From their sick perspective, the advantage of instigating and financing the Shoah is that they are the last party one would reasonably suspect of doing so. Even better: after World War II, the progeny of the heavily abused German people could be wrung successfully by requiring endless Wiedergutmachung payments. Best of it all: most Germans take their guilt for granted.

Follow the money, and you will find that less than a percent of a percent of those payments found their way to the Shoah victims. The not entirely insignificant remainder was destined to fill the pockets of the shareholders of the Rothschild conglomerate, where all pre-war German Jews had deposited their savings. Yes, indeed: the Rothschild shareholders are the very same ones as those of the Federal Reserve System. In order to easily hide their crimes from the public eye, they manipulated the American society into agreeing with the secrecy of both their bookkeeping and their identities: this is all written in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the enactment of which President Wilson considered his biggest mistake ever.

The shareholders of the Rothschild conglomerate did not just pop up from nowhere. One of their infamous predecessors was Mayer Amschel Bauer, an 18th century banker of Georgian (Ashkenazi) origin, living in Frankfurt am Main (today’s Germany). In ‘The Snake’, Yitzhak Rosenthal describes the pivotal role which Bauer played in transforming the Medieval Snake into the present-day financing machine of terror.

The Sadducees represent a fascinating historical topic, as they constitute a fraternity with a longevity exceeding 4000 years. This is more than twice the duration of all Egyptian Pharaonic Dynasties taken together, and more than four times that of the Mediterranean supremacy of Rome (both Republic and Empire). A determining ingredient for this longevity is their inherently parasitic nature: The Snake never ruled an empire, nor endeavored to do so, but its strategy is to force rulers into following their dictates. Today they feed on American and European citizens alike, and drain their wealth by means of disproportionate national debts.

The Snake is too smart to manifest itself, unless it has secured undisputed world hegemony. If you wish to get acquainted with your future Sadducee masters, you might still be on time to read about them.


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