Progressive Intolerance

Last Stop Before Hitler

History repeats itself. Hitler came to power after globalists had managed to crash the German economy. In the 1930’s it was hardly able to sustain itself, let alone transfer huge sums of World War I reparation money to the French. These same globalists have been trying to provoke an analogous disaster in the USA during three full centuries, as is manifest from the many financially provoked recessions in its short history. Like globalists financed Hitler’s street terror during the Weimar Republic of the 1930’s, they now finance the terror of Black Lives Matter in order to block the reelection of president Trump.


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After World War II, Eastern Germany transited from Nazi’s to Stasi’s. Few people realize that both of them were extreme left wing political movements (as was Mussolini’s Fascism). Even fewer people realize that the butchers in command were the same, physically. Hence, their methods were the same, too. Under the Nazi’s (a contraction of Nazionalsozialistische Arbeitspartei, meaning ‘national socialist labor party’) horrors were perpetrated on ‘political criminals’ by an instance called ‘Gestapo’ (short for Geheime Staatspolizei, meaning ‘secret state police’), under the Soviets by an instance called Staatssicherheitsdienst (abbreviated ‘Stasi’, and meaning ‘state security service’).

Even though the left-wing ideal is lofty, where it strictly concerns the fair distribution of wealth, many left-wing activists are unable to carry the burden of seeing their efforts run aground time and again. That is when they are most liable to turn into radical activists, who consider the distribution of wealth preeminent above the very human lives such distribution is supposed to serve. These activists are the preferred useful idiots in the hands of colorless globalists. This book considers the final days of the German Weimar Republic: how globalism promoted fear and terror among the German people, and pushed it into voting the nut of the century, Adolf Hitler.


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