Kennedy Kurse

Four Obvious Konnektions

The iconic photograph with John junior saluting at his father’s casket is deeply imprinted into many a mind. For the time being, he is the third Kennedy who threatened to reveal the truth behind his father’s assassination. Two uncles preceded him, with just as little success. That was not their fault, to be sure: nothing prevails against assassination squads. In this world!


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As should be known by now, the lead-filled explosive bullet was fired by James Files from the Grassy Knoll at Dealey Plaza. Five years after JFK, Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated by his recently imposed bodyguard, Thane Eugene Cesar. Again, the CIA destroyed all the evidence. In 1963 the patsy honor befell Lee Harvey Oswald, in 1968 the lone wolf was Sirhan Sirhan. One year after Bobby, it was Ted Kennedy’s turn. The CIA could hardly get away with a third assassination. Hence, it opted to drug him (like it had done with Sirhan Sirhan) and frame him into witnessing the tragic death of Mary Jo Kopechne, a highly gifted writer on his campaign staff for US presidency. It killed two birds with one stone. With Mary Jo dead, and Ted defamed and blackmailed (with the lives of his wife and children), an ominous presidential campaign came to a sudden end.

John F. Kennedy junior threatened to disclose the dirty CIA laundry again, in 1997, with a series of revealing articles in his glossy ‘George’, named after the organizer of his father’s assassination. The CIA had no other choice but to liquidate him, too. It is beyond any doubt that CIA operative G.W.H. Bush organized Jack’s assassination in 1963. The three subsequent Kennedy murders (one being a character murder) were but collateral damage, necessary to keep the JFK evidence hidden.

For much the same reason, President Trump cannot be allowed to win the 2020 elections. The main question addressed in the book is who gave Bush the order to organize the JFK assassination. That person must satisfy two fundamental conditions: she should most profit from it, though at the time rouse no suspicion. That is to say, substitute president Lyndon B. Johnson does not even come close: he was only allowed to ride the presidential horse for a couple of years, as long as he did not obstruct the real deals. Mafia bosses do not qualify either: they merely did the dirty work. So where should we start the search?


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